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Where the Ghost Horse Runs


When a young métis woman marries “The Chief of All the Halfbreeds,” she inadvertently marries his struggle to keep the Northwest free of colonisers.

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Marie McGillis was the daughter of an Assiniboine woman and a Scots fur trader. All her life she’d heard stories of Cuthbert Grant – the Scotland-educated war chief who was convincing all the scattered mixed-blood offshoots they were a people unto themselves: the New Nation. But she’d never expected to meet him up close, much less spend the rest of her life with him. And she never could’ve imagined there’d be times she’d have to hold him together while he was holding the Métis Nation together.

Some of the Selkirk colonists at Red River still saw Grant as the butcher of Seven Oaks; some saw him as the one who’d stopped the butchery from spreading. What Grant saw was that they all had a chance to live more free than any other human beings alive, if they could manage to constrain murderous impulses. Including his own.

“…has the grandeur and grace of endlessly rolling tall-grass prairie… The author’s deft blend of historical fact and literary licence weaves an indelible tale.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“…a fascinating portrait of Cuthbert Grant in his wars with the Sioux, in his relations with his wife, Marie McGillis Grant, and in his declining years.” — The Ottawa Citizen

“Well-written and authentic… should appeal to a wide audience and attract new readers to Silver’s Red River Trilogy…” — Publishers Weekly

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About the Author: Alfred Silver has had fifteen novels published and many scripts produced on radio and the stage. After toughing out thirty prairie winters and sweating out seven Toronto summers, he now lives temperately in rural Nova Scotia with his wife and assorted wildlife. Relatively temperately.

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