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The Boy Kelsey


An expendable sixteen-year-old sent out to explore the wild lands; a disfigured Oji-Cree girl who turns out to be his lifeline.

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The Governor and Company of Adventurers Trading Into Hudson’s Bay had a King-sized problem. They were happy to squat in their coastal forts and let the natives bring their furs to them, but a condition of The Company’s Royal Charter monopoly was to explore inland and claim more territory for His Majesty. But many of the pelts brought from inland were of large beasts with large teeth and claws and horns, and the coastal natives said the country west of the bay was filled with treacherous and deadly swamps, rockfalls and cataracts, and even more treacherous and deadly tribes

The solution to the problem was “The boy Kelsey, a very active Lad Delighting much in Indians Company.” If Kelsey didn’t make it back, well, they’d tried.

Meyokwaiwin had heard of the white-faced men who lived by the salt water, but she’d never expected to meet one, much less travel with him — far west of her woodland home and out onto the plains of the buffalo.

“A fantastic read, full of adventure and trickery, written in an intelligent, fast-paced prose.” — What if? Magazine

“…well-written and exciting…” — Winnipeg Free Press

Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Teens & Kids, 2010

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About the Author: Alfred Silver has had fifteen novels published and many scripts produced on radio and the stage. After toughing out thirty prairie winters and sweating out seven Toronto summers, he now lives temperately in rural Nova Scotia with his wife and assorted wildlife. Relatively temperately.

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