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A Place out of Time


Long before multiculturalism was a word, there was a place where Scots Highlanders, Crees, Ojibway, métis, German Swiss, Québécois,Protestants, Catholics and nonChristians got along for fifty years. Until “The Coming of the Canadians.”

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Hugh Sutherland saw no reason why life shouldn’t carry on the way it always had. Planting, tending and harvest, with enough weather to keep things interesting; Christmas Midnight Mass with his métis neighbours; riding down to Little Britain to fetch library books for his grandfather, and always, just behind the riverside farms, a wide world of prairie and woodlands to roam. Wauh Oonae Nancy Prince – Chief Peguis’s favourite granddaughter – saw things the same way, except that her family’s life revolved more around the summer and autumn buffalo hunts than their half-wild vegetable garden. Neither of them suspected that the place they lived was running out of time.

But others looking from a distance could see that the frontier of civilisation was nearing Red River. Whoever elbowed their way in early, with the right Ottawa or Washington connections, was going to make a killing. Or two.

Manitoba Historical Society Margaret McWilliams Award for Local History

“The love story is deeply felt and persuasive. (Another thread) of the fast-paced narrative introduces us to John Christian Schultz, medical imposter, fraudulent real-estate and political speculator and frequent provocateur of bloody riots. Silver makes this glow-in-the-dark rogue and his equally ambitious and unscrupulous wife… compellingly real. (A Place Out of Time) is a… rewarding read, and a reminder that Canada has its own very colourful history which we forget at our peril.” — The Globe & Mail

“The 1860s… A hard-won peace between widely different groups in Red River has until now been the order of the day. Silver takes time to layer complex webs of family and social ties, which plunge his readers into a thriving society, a completely believable world. He uses dialogue like a playwright.

“The Inuit language differentiates between knowing about something, and knowing something through personal experience. This novel… comes close to bridging that gap.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“Three thumbs up.” — CBC Radio

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About the Author: Alfred Silver has had fifteen novels published and many scripts produced on radio and the stage. After toughing out thirty prairie winters and sweating out seven Toronto summers, he now lives temperately in rural Nova Scotia with his wife and assorted wildlife. Relatively temperately.

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