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  • Red River Story

    Refugees from the Highland Clearances collide with the embryonic Métis Nation.

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  • Where the Ghost Horse Runs

    When a young métis woman marries “The Chief of All the Halfbreeds,” she inadvertently marries his struggle to keep the Northwest free of colonisers.

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  • A Place out of Time

    Long before multiculturalism was a word, there was a place where Scots Highlanders, Crees, Ojibway, métis, German Swiss, Québécois,Protestants, Catholics and nonChristians got along for fifty years. Until “The Coming of the Canadians.”

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  • The Red River Trilogy

    A true-as-possible story of Manitoba from the arrival of the first Selkirk Colonists and the birth of the Métis Nation to Manitoba’s complicated entry into Confederation.

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  • The Boy Kelsey

    The Boy Kelsey

    An expendable sixteen-year-old sent out to explore the wild lands; a disfigured Oji-Cree girl who turns out to be his lifeline.

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  • Mad Moon

    A county courthouse/jail held two prisoners: an indentured servant girl and a condemned man bent on driving his jailers crazier than he was.

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