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About Us

Knotwood Publishing Inc. has been cobbled together to try and fill a few cracks in the Canadian publishing industry, starting with a few titles that are out of print but still have interested readers hunting for them – not enough obvious interest for the original publisher to print a whole new edition, but enough for us to chance the small print runs now possible with Print On Demand. We hope to soon add more titles, and more writers, but have to start somewhere.

You’d be amazed (we were) at how much page space a publisher can take up with fancy chapter headings, wide margins, etc, etc. We publish with no embellishments or curlicues, so our books are not as fat as the original publications, some downright skinny. But our books still have the same size type as the original publishers’ and the same number of words – or even a few more, where a sentence or two got fidgeted with. Producing thinner books means lower shipping costs and uses less paper. Printed curlicues and embellishments do nothing to satisfy that feeling that’s been around since long before hieroglyphics: tell me a story.